Whether you are looking to video your annual Dance Recital, Graduation Ceremony, Theater Production, Live Event, or more ... the team at Sound Source is here to help.  We offer Full 1080p Digital Recording and State-of-the-art broadcast grade equipment to fully capture your event.  Our creative team will optimize camera placement to capture unique view and offer an exceptional finished product for you and your customers.

Full Service


Our video services as full-service, meaning that we handle everything from concept to completion.  We will work with you to determine the best and most artistic way to capture your event.  Our camera operators are seasoned professionals and will ensure that all aspects of the performance are caught on camera.  We can also handle all on-site sales and credit card transactions if you would like.


All of our services include a creative director that will work with you to create only the best quality final product.

Our Commitment
  • We use Broadcast Quality cameras that are extremely high quality HD and allow for capturing action even in low light scenarios


  • Distortion-free Audio


  • Highly Competitive Pricing


  • Offering digital content distribution, live streaming, and DVD disc production services


  • We duplicate our DVDs in-house to maintain the highest level of quality control


  • DVDs include full-color printing directly on to the DVD


  • We handle all the video recording, editing, mastering, duplicating, and packaging


  • We guarantee our delivery date.  Our delivery dates can be as little as 48 hours depending on the number of copies.  We deliver the final DVDs to you within days, not weeks or months like other companies.


  • All case labels, designs, DVD menus, and DVD case inserts are designed 100% in house.  We will work with you through any number of revisions to ensure that the final product meet and exceeds your expectations.

Example Footage



Check out the following example videos that we recorded and produced by Sound Source Productions, Inc.

Custom Intro Videos


Our team excels in cinematic style introduction video.  Here is an example video we produced for a client.  Our team utilized many different types of editing and filming styles to create this high energy, visually stimulating video.  We actually turned this around in just 12 hours and featured as an introduction to our client's live show.

Joy in the Journey


This video was produced for Merrimack Hall.  The shoot consisted of 4 x Camera positions and featured full post-editing.  We created this piece for YouTube so that Merrimack Hall could post in hopes of going viral.


Some things to look for:

  • Notice the color saturation.  We adjusted color from the original footage to give the feeling of color engulfing the entire stage.

  • We did utilize on-stage cameras and multiple takes to get the final footage due to the children in the video.

  • There were very limited light levels on stage so our staff adjusted the camera levels to full capture all action.

  • The final footage was exported at 24 frames per second to give a little more cinematic feel.  Our standard for live events, dance recitals, and graduations is 30 frames per second.



Live Event Coverage

Let our video team cover your live event.  We can provide full Imag Magnification Services (IMAG) and record for archiving or post production servicesl.


Some things to look for:

  • Cameras were placed strategically as to not interfere with live event

  • Our team produced all graphics, lower thirds, intro slides, etc.

  • Our production team handled all lighting, video, and production of the event.

  • Services included live graphics for scoring totals.



Custom Content Creation

We created this informational video for a local dance studio.  We wanted to go with a modern approach and provide an interesting, effective way to provide key dates.


Some things to look for:

  • We utilized B-Roll footage we shot at the studio

  • Creative filters were utilized throughout the video

  • All graphics, backgrounds, animations, etc. were created completely custom in house.

  • The client left all creative liberties up to our video production staff.



Evening of Dance


This video was produced for Merrimack Hall's Evening of Dance.  The shoot consisted of 4 x Camera positions. The camera angles are a little different that our standard setup on this event.  


We were filming for footage of the example video above, but left the cameras recording throughout the entire performance.  We did not want to interfere with audience seats at all, so we did not do a center camera, which is very important for our dance studio events.


Then, our video team split into individual videos and distributed to each studio as a plus.


Some things to look for:

  • The camera angles are a little different from our standard setup due to the theater size and no center location.

  • Notice how the cameras capture the action even with limited upstage lighting

  • The cameras in this shoot were at the very back of the venue.  Even so, we were still able to capture close-up face shots with our long throw lenses.



Corporate Demo


This video is only a partial clip from a Corporate unveiling of a new motor manufacturing line at Toyota in Huntsville, AL.  Please keep in mind that this is not the final video.  We spliced together a few shots as a demo for our website.  But to maintain the integrity and security for our client, we did leave out major parts of the presentation since it was a closed event.


Some things to look for:

  • This was a 3 camera shoot.

  • Cameras were located approximately 75 feet from the stage.  Notice how we can still get a very tight shot of the lectern and not have any bouncing.

  • The event took place in the middle of Toyota's Huntsville Plant.  You would never notice due to the transformation for the event.


Dance Recital Example


Here are a few numbers from a dance recital we shot.  The overall footage was 3 hours song, so we selected a few numbers for this demo.


This was a 3 camera shoot.  The demo shows great examples of large ground numbers, solos, and duets.


Several of these numbers had very little front lighting, some parts even had no front lighting.  You can see how our cameras picked up the action even with no front lighting.



Some things to look for:

  • Notice the titles at the beginning of each piece.  This is standard for our dance recital coverage, but we can always leave this off depending on the client's request.

  • The first number is a tap number.  We always place dedicated tap mics strictly for video.  This allows optimum audio for taps.  Notice the taps in that number.

  • Notice how well our camera capture the action even with very low light levels.  This lets you create ambiance for your live performance while maintaining quality for your video sales.

  • Notice the audience applause at the end of this piece.  We alway set up dedicated audience and tap mics to fully capture the recital experience.



Highlights Reel


This video was produced for Element Dance Studio.  We created this video from concept to completion using footage from the company's annual dance recital, as well as candid footage shot at their studio.


Some things to look for:

  • Our creative team sorted through 60+ hours of footage to pick these particular clips.

  • Creative filters were added throughout the video.

  • We adjusted speed on particular clips to match the song for this highlights video.