Our team can provide anything from a two screen setup, to a multi-camera image magnification setup, to custom set design with video mapping and display panel integration.  We stock products from leading industry manufacturers: Barco, The Screen Works, Hitachi, Panasonic, Sony, BlackMagic Design, DataVideo, Libec, and more.  Let us show you how video can take your event to the next level!



We offer projectors ranging from 5,000 - 25,000 lumens with a wide variety of screen sizes and configurations to match.  Video mapping has also become a widely popular concept within the industry.  Our team is staying on the front edge of video mapping and can work with you to create incredible designs.


Our team can help create a custom IMAG (image magnification) package for your corporate event or broadcast.  Our flight packs are 100% HD and offer incredible flexibility and quality.



LED displays are a great way to add a design element to your corporate stage set design, or virtually any event.  These units can be configured in any manner and can even be curved to add a unique production element.



Our video equipment processing is state of the art.  We have pre-configured systems ready to go.  Or, if you are just looking for some supplemental outboard processing equipment, we have you covered!



Web streaming has become almost a standard on corporate and broadcast style events.  Let our staff build and configure a web streaming platform that offers exceptional quality and flawless integration.



Looking for unique content for your stage, musical, or corporate production?  The team at Sound Source offers a one-stop shop for custom animations and graphics content.  


We also offer full post-production editing, mastering, and duplication 100% in house.