Don't let our name fool you!  Sound Source Productions also has a complete lighting department.  Our lighting systems are composed of the latest products from ETC, Vari*Lite, Martin, Elation Lighting, High End Systems, Chauvet Professional, and many other brands.  Need 8 par cans to light your stage, or a full custom designed moving lighting package, we can cover it all.  Our award winning lighting designers can create and implement an incredible design for your show.  We specialize in corporate branding through lighting design, which can help promote your corporate goal or image.



Let our design team create the perfect package to take your event to the next level!  Our team can enhance and transform all types of special events: Weddings, Corporate Parties, Grand Openings, Banquets, Awards Shows, Black Tie Events, and more!



Dramatic lighting can greatly enhance your stage production.  Theatrical production is another one of specialties.  Our team can help create the perfect lighting plot for any style of stage production.



Our inventory includes the latest intelligent lighting fixtures by Vari*Lite, Martin, and Elation.  We carry both profile and wash fixtures, as well as the newly popular narrow beam fixtures.


We stock a wide variety of LED fixtures by Elation Lighting, Color Kinetics, Chauvet Professional, and ADJ.  Whether you need a LED par for stage backlight, or a wireless battery fixture for simplified uplighting, our inventory has you covered.  We stock large quanities of each type.  LED fixtures are perfect for lighting fabric, florals, ice sculptures, etc. because they do not create any heat.



We carry both long-throw high output spotlights as well as shorter throw low-power fixtures perfect for any size theater or club.  Let our team help you decide on the perfect spotlight for your venue.